Thai Hand Made Ceramic

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Thai Square Plate

Thai hand-made Blue and White Ceramic Plate import from Thailand these unique Thai plate. Each piece is unique design using a traditional thai art, strong, heavy. Certified for use in microwave or conventional oven, and dishwasher-safe.The plate is very strong, heavy, and high quality
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1.Product discription;Thai square plate 8"
Dimensions: L = 180 mm. W = 180 mm.
Net weight:  42  g.
Price : $   11.50  / pcs

2.Product discription;Thai square plate 9"
Dimensions: L = 220 mm. W = 220 mm.
Net weight:  46  g.
Price : $   14.50  / pcs

3.Product discription;Thai square plate 10"
Dimensions: L = 250 mm. W = 250 mm.
Net weight:  51  g.
Price : $   17.50  / pcs
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