Udon Thani

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Udon Thani
Udon Thani City, Thailand
Udon Thani is a city in Isaan northeast region of Thailand. The city located approximately 450 kilometers from Bangkok. Udon
Thani is a major commercial centre in northern Isan and gate way to Laos, Northern Vietnam and Southern China.
Udon Thani province has a population of around 1,544,786 in 2010.
How to get to the city
Udon Thani Airport is 7 kilometers from downtown of the city, has domestic flights to Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi (BKK) and Don
Mueang (DMK) and Chiang Mai (CNX). Daily trains go to Bangkok can take 9.25 hours but usually takes longer. Nevertheless, it
is still quite comfortable and pleasant. Buses from Bangkok (MO Chit) journey take about 8 hours.
The weather
Summer season is between February and May.  the weather is hot and dry.
Rainy season is between May and October . During the rainy season, some natural tourist destinations are closed at certain
period during this season as it is the time for the plants to regenerate.
Winter is between October to February.  It can be relatively cool during the night.
The average highest temperature is at 32.1 C and average lowest temperature is 21.2 C.  The lowest temperature is in January
and highest in April.
The best time to visit northeast region. The season starts around October or November to February, it is the best time to visit. it
is the season which most flowers are in blossom. The mists and fogs during early morning are stunning with the backdrop of the
The local people are mainly engaged in agriculture activities because most of the areas are covered with rice fields, forest and
hills. They are lovely people, friendly and respectful to foreigners.
Your guide to Udon Thani
Ban Chiang National Museum is a UNESCO World heritage and the first open museum in Thailand. The museum is comprised of
two part, the first part stores antiques and the second part is an open museum in the compound of Wat PO Si Nai. Its located
about 35 kilometers east of Udon Thani province.
Nong Prachak Park is a recreational area of the city, having a large lake and variety of tree and flowers. Its the site for locals to
exercise and chill out.
Udon Saeng Tawan(Sunshine) is a orchid garden located in Soi Kamol Watthana on Udon - Nong Samrong route, famous for a
variety of orchids, orchid derved perfumes, and plants dance to music.
Ban Nakha is a village famous for selling home woven silk and cotton garments. Its located about 15 kilometers north of Udon
Map of Udon Thani

Things to do

There are plenty of activities in Udon Thani, which includes;

Visit the night Markets; There are always an interesting place to visit. You will experience Thai local people life and find cheap
Fishing; There is a place called Sabai Fishing Park that you can enjoy relaxing and catching fish.
Udon Thani Museum; If you interested about the local culture then you might want to visit Udon Thani City Museum.

What's on

Phra Phutthabat Bua Bok Worship Fair is the annual fair of Udon Thani, held on 13th - 15th of the 3rd lunar month. This event
includes local products and goods sales.

Thung Si Mueang and Mi khit Cloth Fair is an anual fair, held around December. There are selling goods and local products such
as silk cloth, khit-pattern woven cloth, Mi khit cloth, a golden dragon show from the Chaopu-Chaoya Chinese Spirit Shrine.

Udon Thani City
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Things to do
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What's on
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