Mae Hong Son

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Mae Hong Son
By Plane - As of Aug 2012, there was only NokAir flying from ChiangMai to Mae Hong Son. No flights directly from Bangkok to MHS.

Mae Hong Son, Thailand's second northernmost provincial city, is sheltered by several high mountains and enjoys a cool climate almost all year round. In the past, the town was isolated from the outside world by lack of good transportation and communications. The province is bordered by Myanmar to the North and West. A strong Burmese influence can be seen in the provincial capital's temples and buildings.

Mae Hong Son, is administratively divided into 6 Amphoes and 1 King Amphoe namely: Muang, Mae Sa Riang, Mae La Noi, Pai, Khun Yuam, Sop Moei and King Amphoe Pang Ma Pha. With an area of 12,681 square kilometers, Mae Hong Son can be reached from Chiang Mai either by Highway No. 108 via Mae Sa Riang, at a distance of 349 kms. or Highway No. 1095 via Pai which shortens the distance to some 274 kilometers.
Wat Phrathat Doi Kong Mu is a Burmese-style temple which dominates the provincial capital. Constructed by Phraya Singhanatracha, the first King of Mae Hong Son, the hilltop temple affords a wonderful view of the capital and surrounding mountainsand valleys.

Phra That Doi Kong Mu, Mae Hong Son

Wat Phra Non contains a huge Burmese-style reclining Buddha image some 12 meters long. The temple also houses ashes of Mae Hong Son kings. Two massive stone lions guard the temple staircase.

Wat Chong Klang and Wat Chong Kham are on the same compound. They contain glass paintings depicting Buddhism and simple life style of the villagers. Also on display are over 30 wood carving dolls taken from Myanmar during the past century.These draw much attention and interest from visitors.

Pha Bong Hot Spring is located in Tambon Pha Bong about 11 kms.from township area.

Ban Nam Phiang Din is a beautiful destination in Tambon Pha Bong which takes a 2 hour motor boat trip or 1-day rafting ride along Pai River via Ban Huai Dua. This is a scenic route with marvellous terraced hills. Not far beyond Ban Nam Phiang Din within Myanmar's territory, lies another frequented tourist destination know as" Pha Hom Nam "

Wat To Phae is located 7 kms. from Khun Yuam Market having large beautiful Burmese style vihara. According to legend, people used to gather in this area prior to making a teak tree raft trip to the market places. They, later, combined their efforts to build the temple andcalled it Wat To Phae.

Soppong, Mae Hong Son

Wild - Sunflower Field Doi Mae U - Kho
This Wild-Sunflowers area is 1,000 rais in size, all are in full bloom between the months of November and December. They make the hills and surrounding areas look like they are plated with gold.

Mae Surin Waterfall National Park area covers Amphoe Muangand and Amphoe Khun Yuam. The main tourist spot ' Mae Surin Waterfall' is located about 30 kms. from Amphoe Khun Yuam in Ban Mae Surin. This beautiful one tier waterfall of 100 meters cascades down the cliff to the lower valley.
For accommodation in the national park, contact the National Parks Division, Royal Forestry Department, Tel.. 579-0529, 579-4842 or address to Mae Surin Waterfall National Park, P.O. Box 16, Amphoe Muang, Mae Hong Son 58000.

Mae U-Kho Waterfall situated at Doi Mae U-Kho, was discovered in 1987. Just a short distance before reaching Thung Bua Tong, the field of the Mexican-Sunflowers, there is a branch road running for about 3 kms. to this waterfall. The one tier waterfall, 30 meters high, flows down between the giant rocks. In the middle of the flowing water, there is a wide rocky space where visitors can walk through for a close view of the cascading water.

Tham Pla Forest Park, where numerous fish live peacefully in streams inside a cave, is located at Km. 17.

Pha Sua Waterfall Forest Park is located 17 Kms. from town to a laterite road branching off for about 10 kilometers to the park. The 6 level waterfall is huge and picturesque. The best time to visit the falls is between early August and late September.

Tham Nam Iot Wildlife and Nature Education station is 77 kilometers from Mae Hong Son town to a laterite road to the left which runs a further 9 kilometers. It is a place where antiques and pre-historic remains were found. This huge cave is beautifully decorated with colorful stalagmites and stalactites.

Huai Nam Dang National Park covers parts of Amphoe Mae Taeng, Chiang Mai and Amphoe Pai, Mae Hong Son. It is located at Km. 66 on Highway 1095 and with a left turn for about 6 kms. If commands a breathtaking view of a sea of mist, flower beds and Lisu tribal people.

Poi Sang Long Precession is a celebration of novice ordination which the Thai Yai tribe people hold as a highly meritorious occasion. Offerings for monks are carried through the town in a gala procession. It is usually held during March and May before the Buddhist Rain Retreat period.
What to See
A Tribe girl at the village of Ban Huay sue toa where tourist daily visiting in Mae Hong Son
Mae Hong Son is Thailand’s “Sleeping Beauty” and heaven on Earth for its residents. Amazing landscapes, with nature’s best artwork engulfed on this land, It’s surrounded by mountains and was is one peaceful place that has no interaction with the hustle bustle of the modern world.
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