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The weather
Krabi is humid and hot all year around, the temperature generally around 30 degree with occasional cooler days. The
region has 2 season: a rainy season from May till October and dry season from November to April.
Krabi is a very casual place where the people in Krabi are friendly with tourists and foreigners. Krabi is a part of
Thailand that has a mix of Muslims, Buddhists, Chinese and Thai and all these group of people live in harmony and
mutual respect with each other.
Your guide to Krabi
Railay beach is accessible only by boat, presents a tranquil world. You will find gorgeous white-sea beaches, soaring
limestone cliffs, viewpoint and caves.
Krabi Island There are around 200 islands around the Krabi coasting, all are worth a look and visit, the most popular
is Chicken Island and koh Poda.
Thung Teao Forest Natural Park: An unusual lowland forest rich in bio-diversity complete with a nature trail and a
crystal lagoon.
Wat Tham Sua (Tiger Cave): The main tourist attraction is the 1,272 steps climb up a limestone tower to see the
footprint of the Buddha.
Phi Phi Island is one of the most beautiful island in Southeast Asia, 90 minutes ferry boat ride from Phuket Island. Phi
Phi Island is perfect paradise and ultimate tropical getaway. 
Map of Krabi

Krabi City, Thailand
Krabi is an exquisite island and tropical jungle that opens to the great Andaman Sea locates at Southern of Thailand. The
nature, beauty white sand beaches and colorful marine life will restore your soul and you will discover why people are
calling this the best place on Earth.
Krabiís estimated population in 2010, is 432,704 and easily rise over 450,000 in recent years.
We have increasing number of visitors and people who love to live and work at this beautiful place.
The airport to the city
Krabi airport is located about 7 kilometers from the center of city.
Airline: Air Asia, Bangkok Airways, Thai Smile, Tiger Airways
Krabi city
The Weather
Map of Krabi
Things to do
What's on
Things to do
Sea kayaking for the ultimate way to explore tropical beaches among the fascinating limestone cliffs
Snorkeling in beautiful clear water at Koh Poda and the odd-shaped Chicken island.
Rock climbing a fantastic activity that you enjoy natural rock at Krabi island
Visit local hot spring and waterfall at Krabi National Park
Whatís on
Krabi Boek Fa Andaman festival: This festival normally is held on 16 - 18 November, which is
celebrated annually to herald the tourist season to the province. This festival comprises of boat
races, musical and culture performance, sea kayak competitions, parades and sales of local products.
The Loi Ruea Chao Le festival: This festival is celebrated annually on Koh Lanta, on the full moon day
of the sixth and eleventh months of the lunar calendar, to float boats on the sea and harbor good
A grand fair Krabi festival : This festival organized in the month of June where prices in department
stores and shops are cut down to promote tourism in Thailand.
Loy Krathong festival: On the night of the full moon of November is the festival of lights.
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