Sticky Rice Cooker

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Item GTCRC001
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Sticky Rice Cooker

Pot is made from Aluminum Brand -- Diamond Brand

This wonderful sticky rice steamer is made in Thailand. The hand-woven bamboo basket sits perfectly in the aluminum rice pot to create perfect aromatic Thai jasmine sticky (sweet) rice. There is no other way to create steaming method to creates sticky rice like this. 

Pot 250mm dia., 240mm height.

Basket 300mm height, 300mm Dia
sticky rice cooker
How to cook Sticky Rice with this Cooker
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Thai Sticky Rice is Also Known as "Sweet Rice or Glutinous Rice"
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Sticky Rice Basket Care...
To wash the basket , soak the basket in warm soapy water overnight. Rinse and leave the basket to dry before storing away.
If you like sticky rice and you don't want to cook often you can cook enough to put in the freezer and reheat in microwave as required, make sure you wrap the rice with aluminum foil 2 times to prevent freezer burn and the the size is small enough to eat just for one meal, it can remain in the Freezer 2 months and still taste good .
Item GTCRB001
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