Gas Cooker (portable)

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Item GSKGC001
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Portable Gas Cooker

Great for cooking when you only have Electric stove. We use it all the time not only for the Wok ideal for a saucepan and for the dining table for hot pots. Ideal for Table Cooking and hot pot

Portable Single Burner Gas Stove with Electronic Ignition

Cook Anywhere
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Portable Gas Burner
Portable Gas Burner with a flat bottom Wok
Burner Ring
Portable Gas Burner with a round bottom Wok
Gas Burner showing Butane Cartridge installed
Burner Ring

A must for round bottom Woks
Can be use it on Electric stoves
Keep the Stove burning with these replaceable butane cartridges (sold separately) which run for up to 95mins on high!

Please note - Gas cartridges cannot be sent in the post to clients as they fall under dangerous goods classification. They are available through at most Supermarkets and a Bunnings and Masters.

If you live in Melbourne we can delivery a 4 Pack of Gas cartridges for $9.00 includes Delivery
High quality plastic carry case packing

Portable gas stove (use butane Gas):
Five safety protection devices make customers use more safety:
1. Over-pressure protection safety devices; The gas would automatically cut-off when cylinders pressure is too high.
2. The cylinder loads mutual lock safety device; The cylinder unable to install, if the switch has not turned off.
3. The stove and cylinder valves copulae, use tie-in double pressurize device.
4. Avoid pot-stand inversion device.
5. Avoid cylinder mismatch device.

Portable gas stoves five characters; It is the ideal product of camp cooking and the home use:
1. Piezoelectric ceramic electron flame, ignition convenient, saves time and manpower.
2. Pure blue flame, do not pollute cooker and the indoor environment
3. Firepower freely adjusts, and persist stabilization.
4. The furnace body craft delicacy, smooth and easy to clean.
5. Furnace body is portable and good stability.
A Wok with a flat base sits on it perfectly
With a Wok with a round base you can use a Burner Ring
4 Pack
Item no GSKBR001
Item no GSKGA001
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