Bento  Box


Japanese Bento Box

Some times referred as Bento Lunch Box or Japanese Food Container
Great for serving Sushi
Vegetable, rice and teriyaki sauce
Has a lacquer surface easy to wash.
Used for serving meals at home or at sit-down restaurants.
There is no better way to serve an authentic Japanese meal
Size 260mm x 200mm x 35mm

Keeps your food fresh by simply place the lid on and place in your refrigerator

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bento box
Bento lunch Box with food
Food not included
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TOP TIPS from Lunch in a Box on Bento Box
Treat yourself and buy sushi from your local Sushi Bar come home, pack it and add sauce and eat it at home. What is a Bento Box? In Japanese, “bento” or “obento” means a packed meal, and “bento-bako” refers to the bento box itself
Bento Box with salad and Dessert
Japanese meal in a Box
Meat Cutlets and
Salad and Dessert
Great Ideas for your Bento Box
Bento lunch box with yummy food
Bento Box
Has a pull out insert for easy cleaning.
Consists of 3 parts
1. Lid
2. 5 compartment insert
3. Outer Box
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